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Pic Lens now has Youtube support

I really love both FLock (my social web browser) and Pic Lens. It's a excellent combo for seeing media in a whole new way and astound your friends. Recently Pic Lens has added youtube video support so now I can watch movies in this awesome 3d media viewer plugin for Firefox based browsers. Really impress your friends with it. Here is a video below. Now I can't wait until Vimeo, Blip.TV, Veoh and the other video sharing stites are added to the search function in Pic Lens.

PicLens -- 3D Search for YouTube (Teaser)
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Moving Gabe & Gabe

Gabemac has moved his personal site to and GabeB has moved it to . We will be keeping up for our adventures and projects that we do together which
in the coming months will be lots to hear about. So Feel free to goto one of the new sites to follow your favorite Gabe (which is of course both). Also feel free to get your own multimedia blog on XOLO.TV.

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Twitterdate Archive

Here is an archive of marlooz and my first twitterdate.

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Talking with loic le meur

Last night I met up with Loic Le Meur in Amsterdam while he had a flight change. We talked about twitter dating, twhirl, seesmic, and virtual immortality.

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Marlooz just posted this video about an upcoming date we have. I couldn't have said it better. Sweet!

See her other video blogs:

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An Awareness Test Video

Here is a quick video to test your Awareness in life. Enjoy!!!

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Relationship advice from Madea

Chi sent me this through Facebook. Makes me evaluate who the roots are among my friends. I know who they are and so do they. Here is hoping you have many roots yourself.

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Rotterdam Event writeup

Last Month I did some moderation for an event at the International Rotterdam Film Festival here in Holland. There is a write-up in independent magazine about it. Have a look!

Blogging Rotterdam, Part Five: Understanding Europe's Zeal for Media Literacy
The Independent's Randi Cecchine, a filmmaker and educator from New York City, is impressed to learn that governments in Europe are eager to come up with policies to promote media literacy among their citizens, particularly young people. But as a European friend suggests, the role of the government in establishing guidelines concerning media literacy and education can be complicated—especially if media makers are cut out of the policy-making loop.

Via: Randi Cecchine on

Here is my quoted excerpt (for family to be proud) the rest you should really read if you are interested in this stuff.

Gabriel McIntyre (I'll call him Gabemac) was the charming conference moderator. I found it interesting that they chose an American to lead the discussion. Gabriel is originally from Atlanta, but has lived in the Netherlands for many years, working as an educator and with emerging technology and advertising.

He helped me understand the European media literacy context a little more clearly, reminding me that most media is funded by the government, and that historically media has often been used for propaganda for pretty bad purposes. The notion is that if the government has such a large role in creating the media, it also has a responsibility to enhance the cultural undersanding of media.

I ask Gabe what he thinks comes out of events like this.

“Policymakers make policy. It's up to artists to take the policy and make it right. That’s always how it is, in any democratic society. And if they didn’t make right policies, the artists wouldn’t take it up. Or they would say, you screwed up there—this is better.


This is Performance Art

Teaching Design for Virtual Theater and Games I often find myself explaining to people what that actually means. I tend to use examples of what it is rather than the philosophy (which is a real long keynote if you ever have the time). However this video really reminds me of the kinds of stuff that my students would do. Have a look and enjoy how much fun it is to give people the feeling they are in a twilight zone for just a little while.

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Getting Married!!!

Vondelpark weekendVondelpark weekend

I just heard that my good friend Steve (who has been there for me through a lot of shit) has popped the question and is getting married! He is in Australia at the moment and decided to ask Ghislaine there. I have to admit I was rather surprised becuase I never thought Steve would want to get married, but I guess when the right woman comes around, you just go in full throttle sometimes as a romantic. I wish the both of them lots of happiness and now I get to save for a possible trip to Australia for the wedding! SWEEEET!!!


Appreciate what you have

This is a great video to remind ourselves of what we have and to focus on the wealth and privileges we have. If you are able to see this you have an internet connection and a computer and are very privileged. Remember that. First step to change is awareness.



Laurent from Lift posted this video he made of me at the DLD this week.



We are in Munich this week for the DLD 08 conference making films. This is the first one to get things kicked off. A really great conference with lots of amazing people. Hopefully I'll be able to get some good interviews up on Watchme from it. Here is the first film.



Me and Uncle Jack

Me and Uncle Jack

It's good to be back and see everyone. This is me and my uncle Jack. We used to go climbing together when I was a kid. We don't do that nowadays. Maybe someday soon though.

Coming Home

Watch the video

I haven't been home in a while. Things have gotten pretty crazy with private life and with XOLO. I needed to get away and get back to who I am. The best feeling in the world when you feel betrayed is to come home and feel the love. And with my family, EVERYONE shows up, aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends all come together, eat, drink and give me love and support. There is no greater gift in the world than that. I am the luckiest man!

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The XOLO Tag cloud

GabeB and Rudy made this awesome Tag Cloud animation for XOLO.

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Create Your BiZ, CRBZ.TV is launched

I'm so happy to announce I have just launched a new show from XOLO.TV called CRBZ.TV. Create YouR BiZ.TV. Basically we go around filming all new web startups, but we go to the homes of those who founded it. It's gonna be very cool and I'm really excited. RSS feeds to subscribe will be coming after episode 2. Fo now, just goto CRBZ.TV and check it out. The first episode is with Felix Paterson of Plazes. Upcoming episode is with SellaBand.

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Highschool comes back to haunt me on Facebook!!!

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I just got tagged on Facebook with this picture. It's an old picture from Highschool and Chi Byers tagged it for me. Man that reeled me back a few years. I'm not sure what that spot is on my face. I think it's on the picture when it was scanned. Man I loved those shoes.

Great ECO saving billboard idea

South Africa’s state owned electricity provider Eskom leads by example in this cool advertising campaign.